MERA SILK X BRAVE: A Reflection on Fashion, Philanthropy, and Inspiring Moments

MERA SILK X BRAVE: A Reflection on Fashion, Philanthropy, and Inspiring Moments

As the co-founder of Mera Silk, I couldn't be prouder to share our recent experience at the Brave Charity Fundraiser hosted at Alexander Cafe. It was an evening filled with exquisite fashion, noble causes, and unforgettable moments with our friends at Dorset Suits and the Miss New Zealand Contestants, including the remarkable Jessica Tyson. With the unwavering support of Emma Gribble, the Miss Auckland title holder, we were able to bring our vision of blending fashion and philanthropy to life.

At Mera Silk, we strive to create garments that exude elegance and luxury, and the Brave Charity Fundraiser was the perfect platform to showcase our creations. Each silk garment is meticulously crafted with love and attention to detail, blending traditional craftsmanship with contemporary designs. Sustainability and social responsibility are ingrained in our brand ethos, making the event an ideal opportunity to demonstrate the beauty of fashion with a purpose.

The Brave Charity Fundraiser at Alexander Cafe

The Brave Charity Fundraiser, hosted at the lovely Alexander Cafe, provided a vibrant atmosphere where fashion enthusiasts and community supporters united for a meaningful cause. Our aim was to raise funds for various charitable initiatives, highlighting the positive impact that the fashion industry can have on society. The event served as a testament to our commitment to bridging the gap between fashion and philanthropy.

Models at the Brave Charity Fundraiser wearing Mera Silk Clothing

Miss New Zealand Contestants, Including the Inspiring Jessica Tyson, Steal the Spotlight

One of the most memorable aspects of the evening was the presence of the stunning models from the Miss New Zealand Pageant, including the inspiring Jessica Tyson. Witnessing these exceptional women grace the runway, adorned in our Mera Silk designs, was truly awe-inspiring. Jessica, with her remarkable journey as a survivor and advocate for sexual assault victims, epitomised strength and resilience, making her an embodiment of our brand's values.

Models at the Brave Charity Fundraiser wearing Mera Silk Clothing

(Miss New Zealand Director Meghan Kenney (middle), modelling our Georgia Dress with current Miss New Zealand Title Holder Lydia (L) wearing our Kayla Crop top and Ruby Shorts)

Emma Gribble and Jessica Tyson: Empowering Forces

The success of the Brave Charity Fundraiser would not have been possible without the exceptional contributions of Emma Gribble, the driving force behind the event, and the incredible Jessica Tyson. Emma's unwavering dedication and organisational skills were instrumental in bringing the event to life. Jessica, with her unwavering spirit and advocacy work, amplified the message of empowerment and solidarity that we aim to foster through our brand.

Meghan Kenney (Miss New Zealand Director) commented:

"It is so special for me to watch our contestants pour their heart into their charitable endeavours and create safe spaces to empower the young women in their lives. As always, it is an honour to have the support of Mera Silk and we are excited for future collaborations."

The Brave Charity Fundraiser was a remarkable chapter in Mera Silk's journey, where our creations merged seamlessly with the noble cause of supporting the community. The event allowed us to create unforgettable moments with the Miss New Zealand Contestants, particularly Jessica Tyson, who exemplified the strength and resilience that we admire. With Emma Gribble leading the way, we were able to showcase the harmonious blend of fashion and philanthropy, leaving an indelible mark on all who attended.

Anticipating the prospect of future collaborations with Brave and the esteemed Miss New Zealand organisation, I am filled with excitement as I embark on the journey ahead - Milena.


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