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Angela Stone is a leading fashion icon and style expert based in New Zealand. With over two decades of experience in the fashion industry, Angela has established herself as a renowned authority in the world of fashion. Her keen eye for trends, exceptional fashion sense, and unwavering passion for empowering individuals through style have made her a sought-after fashion consultant, stylist, and media personality. Angela's unique style philosophy centers around helping people discover their personal style, boost their confidence, and express their individuality through fashion. Her incredible contributions to the fashion world have earned her a dedicated following of fashion enthusiasts and clients alike, making her a true fashion trailblazer in New Zealand and beyond.



Norrie Montgomery is a highly skilled and creative fashion photographer based in New Zealand. With a keen eye for style, composition, and lighting, Norrie has established themselves as a leading photographer in the fashion industry. His ability to capture the essence of fashion through their lens has earned them a reputation for producing stunning and visually captivating images. Norrie's portfolio includes a wide range of fashion photography, including editorial shoots, lookbooks, campaigns, and runway shows. Known for his professionalism, artistic flair, and attention to detail, Norrie continues to capture the beauty and artistry of fashion through his exceptional photography skills, making them a top choice for clients in the fashion industry in New Zealand and beyond.




The Camaleonda® Sofa designed by Mario Bellini Manufactured by B&B Italia exclusive to Matisse New Zealand
Model Angela Stone
Makeup by @makeup.with.ange 
Photography by Norrie Montgomery
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